Other Useful Links

Internet is a useful resource of information. The web links given below will assist Women Entrepreneurs to access timely global information, expanding their horizon and assisting their growth.

Title Asian Women in Business
URL www.awib.org


Title Global Knowledge
URL www.globalknowledge.org


Title OECD
URL www.oecd.org


Title One World
URL www.oneworld.org


Title IRDC
URL www.idrc.ca


Title AUs Aid
URL www.ausaid.gov


Title The International Alliance
URL www.t-i-a-.com/


URL www.jaring.my/wimnet/


Title An Income of Her Own
URL www.anincomeofherown.com


Title Digital Women
URL www.digital-women.com


Title Women in Technology International
URL www.witi.com/


Title World Association of Women Entrepreneurs
URL www.fcem.org/engindex.htm


Title Women Watch
URL http://www.un.org/womenwatch/


Title Board Of Investment, Pakistan
URL www.pakboi.gov.pk

Investment related issues and opportunities in Pakistan


Title Writing business letters
URL http://writing-business-letters.com/

Can provide assistance in business correspondance


Title World Intellectual Property Organization
URL www.wipo.int

Will provide assistance in intellectual property rights


Title Small Business and Entrepreneurship
URL www.smallbusinessportal.co.uk/

Provides information on small businesses and entrepreneurship development.


Title Norwegian Development Agency
URL www.norad.no

Norwegian import promotion office for products from developing countries.


Title World Trade Organization
URL www.wto.org

The website provides information on WTO, its agreements and country specific information


Title Central Board of Revenue, Pakistan
URL www.cbr.gov.pk

The Website provides timely information regarding various issues pertaining to government regulations and fiscal measures.