Objectives of WRC

Women's Resource Centre objectives are :

Women Entrepreneurship Development through,



Information Sharing

Training Activity and Business Promotion


The main objective of this WRC is to develop and encourage the women entrepreneurs in the country. The WRC performs the following function.

1- Resolve the problems women face while operating their business such as getting loans from the banks, developing contacts with various government departments. It educates the women entrepreneurs about the techniques and strategies of national and international marketing. Moreover the committee formulates proposal for the national budget, aimed at increasing involvement of women entrepreneurs in national economic activities.

2- Organizes business orientation programs, workshops and lectures for the guidance of old and new women entrepreneurs and enhancing quality consciousness. It also holds business awareness seminars like how to start new business and how to export their products in other countries.

3- Organizes local exhibitions of the products manufactured by women entrepreneurs. These exhibitions act as  a source of great encouragement for women entrepreneurs and also provide a platform for the introduction and promotion of their products.

4-Co-ordinates and facilitates trade delegations of women  entrepreneurs (LCCI members) visiting abroad.